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Running trails
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Eliza Loomis
Mueller Community

Posts: 2
Joined on April 6th, 2011
Running trails
by Eliza Loomis on June 15th, 2011

Does anyone know how long the running trails are at Mueller?
Specifically, how long is the small loop just around the lake at Lake Park? I looked on these forums and the mueller website, but couldn't find the info. I really want to know how much of a work out I'm getting when I go for a run.

Thanks in advance!
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Joshua Haley
Mueller Community

Posts: 28
Joined on July 9th, 2008
Running trails
by Joshua Haley on June 15th, 2011

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Jenji Henson
Mueller Community

Posts: 113
Joined on December 9th, 2009
Running trails
by Jenji Henson on June 16th, 2011

There is a great resource in the livestrong system that allows you to track "loops". I've set up several in Mueller, including a 1 mile run around lake park and further runs up both the southeast trail and the northwest trail. Other people have set up loops in the area, too.
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Mueller Community

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Joined on October 7th, 2007
Running trails
by vaneis on June 16th, 2011

Thank you so much for posting that link, Jenji. What a great resource.
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michelle schreiber
Mueller Community

Posts: 19
Joined on May 24th, 2010
Running trails
by michelle schreiber on June 17th, 2011

Hi Eliza - if you have a smartphone and can take it with you on your
run, there are free apps which will map and log the distance and time of your run. They will even estimate calories burned if you're interested in that!
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Hayfa Dejesus

Posts: 1
Joined on August 16th, 2019
Running trails
by Hayfa Dejesus on August 16th, 2019

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saeed khatri
strom fyber

Posts: 18
Joined on August 19th, 2019
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by saeed khatri on September 11th, 2019

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judy mitchel
University Hills

Posts: 2
Joined on September 24th, 2019
Running trails
by judy mitchel on September 24th, 2019

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William Vance

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Joined on November 2nd, 2019
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by William Vance on November 2nd, 2019

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Alvin Slocumb

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Joined on November 17th, 2019
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by Alvin Slocumb on November 17th, 2019

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