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Comment on "glass half empty" or "glass half full" analogies
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by Rod on July 24th, 2010

Steve, But the phrase is also often cast as "...for me the glass is half full (empty)..." not only with "see". And thus what of those who are "sight-challenged", and thus better able to gauge the weight (mass)? I agree on the discussion of error. Since we can't measure it, surely a committee assigned the task of finding the phrase that is correct, might end up a definition close to yours.

Timothy is now on to quantum entanglement. And there is a finite chance of observing the glass in various states, including as a chicken or bong. David Bohm, protege of Einstein, thought deeply on this issue. Thus his interpretation of the universe as being something akin to a quantum hologram. (Everything is connected.)

Kevin, My whole family has now twice seen Willie up close and personal, both times at Bergstrom Austin International Airport, and one time he was flying to Chicago as were we, as he was en route to Europe via the Windy City. Was with his wife and a few band-members. So, he said it was ok to get a picture with him and my family, so I did.

As to Bono: The story directly overlaps the Irish using the "F" word so frequently. Johnny, talented physicist, had been away from Ireland (here in the USA for about 20 yrs) and was just getting used to Ireland again after returning to take on directorship of an institute at Trinity College-Dublin. So (children, please close your ears), Bono replied to the friendly offer for a ride with the standard "Feck you!" and the conversation then developed as a proper Irish conversation could. We were amused when a tour book that I grabbed at the airport in Chicago prior to leaving for Ireland, quite handy for Dublin sights and sounds, had the Irish author entreating the readers to "please ignore how often the Irish use the "F" word, as they are a friendly and helpful people, and it has somehow become more or less another routine adjective for us." [One is reminded of Lenny Bruce's classic comedy routine (actually, he was educating) on "The Hard Words".] While Christopher was running around annoying patrons of a cafe in Ireland, it did help for me to be able to tell the owner "he's 1/16th Irish, you know". The guy laughed, and said "Well, perfectly all right then." Toss in Scottish and Welsh, makes me practically kin to Robert Frost, um, maybe that is.

Well, related to another thread...from recent conversations with some high ranking folks who have followed with interest another thread on our community blog (all upstanding and outstanding folk even though not Muellerites; Um, Muellerians' Uh, Mueller residents), I think LTC VanderVeld sees the glass as half full. Not that pessimists (realists?) aren't also good eggs...but he seems to be a really good egg!

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