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HOA fees at closing
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Mueller Community

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HOA fees at closing
by Karen_Zab on January 24th, 2008

I think this came up under Closing issues thread in the Meritage folder but I'd like to make it a general topic for discussion.

My assumption is we will all be charged the same HOA related fees at closing. One thing I haven't noticed in other discussions, but that my builder outlined in the list below I received, is a resale transfer fee. Anyone else already closed get charged this?

HOA related fees:
Mueller Mixed-Use Association Assessment (Paid by Buyer) - $480 per year total (sounds like 2 months at closing)
Resale Transfer Fee (Paid by Buyer) - $150.00
Community Assessment Fee (Paid by Seller) 0.0025 (1/4 of 1%) of the total purchase price of the Residence
Working Capital Fee (Paid by Buyer) - $200.00

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Mueller Community

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untitled topic
by vaneis on January 24th, 2008

We are closing tomorrow (YEA!) and our HUD states that we are paying:

Assessments (1/25/2008 to 4/1/2008) - $87.87
HOA Working Capital Fee - $200

The Seller (Meritage) is paying:

HOA Transfer Fee - $235
Mueller Community Assesstment Fee - (1/4 of 1%)

So the transfer fee is not something we are paying.
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Chance Troy

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by Chance Troy on August 14th, 2019

Mueller Community Assesstment Fee - (1/4 of 1%)
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Chance Troy

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HOA fees at closing
by Chance Troy on August 14th, 2019

Assessments (1/25/2008 to 4/1/2008) - $87.87
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RandyAbram Abram

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HOA fees at closing
by RandyAbram Abram on August 14th, 2019

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