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Are those your dogs in the Southwest Greenway?
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Are those your dogs in the Southwest Greenway?
by amyk927 on October 4th, 2009

Since Monday I've been noticing a set of dogs in the Southwest Greenway unattended when I've been on my morning walk with our dogs. Other walkers I've run into have noticed them too. There's always a black longer-haired what looks like a lab mix and then some days there's a white dog with beige and brown spots and I've also seen a beige dog that looks like a Shar Pei.

These dogs seem friendly and look like they've been cared for, but they have no collar or tags or they looked a little dirtier. I just wanted to alert people in case they're your dogs that are missing or chronic Houdinis. Being out in the Southwest Greenway at a time when there is heavy dog and people traffic un-supervised is probably not a wise idea. I'm concerned about what would happen if there were an altercation between dogs, especially since I have a puppy who hasn't completed all of his vaccine cycles.
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Mueller Community

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Are those your dogs in the Southwest Greenway?
by danx111 on October 4th, 2009

Time to call 311.
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Are those your dogs in the Southwest Greenway?
by jillians on October 4th, 2009

I've seen the older lab and a tan mixed breed (I'd call it a chow mix, but it could be shar-pei). I saw them both roaming the 'hood last summer, when there were fewer people around. The black lab is very skinny and both dogs seem to be looking for food. We were taking a late walk around the Greenway and saw the lab run into the street (almost got hit) and come back with a discarded fast food sack.

I hate the idea of them going to Town Lake, but I also hate the idea of them starving or being hurt. If anyone has a chance to corral them in their yard, call 311 to pick them up. They don't seem aggressive, but they also won't come to you if you call them. I would treat them as if they're unvaccinated and potentially not friendly. In other words, I wouldn't try to grab them myself.
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Are those your dogs in the Southwest Greenway?
by Lorrie on October 5th, 2009

That is so sad! I hate to hear about homeless or lost animals.

amyk927, I just copied your post on the Mueller Redevelopment message board: This board has a lot of members from the surrounding neighborhoods.

I hope someone will help. If I see them out there I will call 311. I would rather have an animal put down than suffer on the streets...
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