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Ge to know Yo So Cool better. (See article from Aprill issue of Muller Living megazine)
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Ge to know Yo So Cool better. (See article from Aprill issue of Muller Living megazine)
by HENRY KALISKY on April 14th, 2019

YO SO sweet…
Sometimes you find a place you love and sometimes that place finds you. For the Kalisky family, it was the empty store-front in the Barbara Jordan shoppes that called out to them. They came to Mueller to find out what all the hoop-la was about. Way back in 2010, everyone was talking about us, but not everyone had the vision to see what it could be. The Kalisky’s had vision and they had yogurt. Well, they didn’t have yogurt yet - but they knew they wanted to find a way to combine what they loved, the business they dreamed of, and a location that they could be happy in. Lucky for them, that empty store called out to them and it wasn’t long before they opened YoSoCool in 2010. 

At that time, the craze was just beginning and Henry & Rachel Kalisky’s knew they wanted to build the East side’s first frozen yogurt shop. They had fallen in love with this healthier version of ice cream while visiting a place out in the Hill Country. Rachel wanted something healthier for her husband and she knew she could never get him to quit his sweet treat habit. Lucky for her (and him), he loved frozen yogurt as much as she did. Ever the entrepreneurs, they dreamed of opening their own shop. But, how?
It started with hard work. They went to every yogurt shop within driving distance - and ate, and ate, and ate. What they found was a huge quality difference in some of the shops. Some frozen yogurts were made with a powder, mixed on-site, and then frozen. Others had a better consistency, were much creamier and easily satisfied Henry’s need for ice cream. All that research paid off and they had a plan. Rachel has an architecture and design background - so she got to work designing the space. It’s a beautiful space, with a thoughtful design and a grown up sense of comfort. But, she didn’t forget the kids. There’s a TV always playing videos and a fun color scheme that feels like a place you want to stay and play in. Henry got to work on the yogurt. YoSoCool has a recipe that comes to the store straight from the dairy and is never touched by human hands. It’s not a mix, and it’s frozen on-demand. So, as you pull that lever, it freezes and dispenses it to you in that moment.

Every business owner knows that you can have the best product in the best location and there are still no guarantees. The face of your staff is the message you send and the Kalisky’s knew that they would need a ringer. So, they asked their daughter to quit her fashion/retail job and come to work with them. Audrey’s customers love her. In the short time I sat with them, no less than 4 people stopped by just to say hello, to drop some fresh-baked bread, or to get a quick hug. She is a professional when it comes to customer service and unflappable when it comes to dealing with the every day unknowns of the retail industry. Audrey loves her customers. She cares about the kids coming from Dell Children’s, the local charities they support and the customer who drives 45 miles just to see her.
 This year YoSoCool is celebrating their 10th Anniversary. They have been a part of the Mueller family since the very beginning. They are charismatic, kind people with a great sense of humor and a love of the arts. (Rachel is an accomplished glass artist: rachel-kalisky). I hope you will stop in, say hi to Audrey and have some of the best frozen yogurt in town. If you have some fussy friends who thumb their nose at yogurt - they just added Gelato to their menu!

YoSoCool now Caters parties! 
 Open 11am to 10pm (Summer ’til 11pm).

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