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Is it too expensive?
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Pearl Robinson

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Is it too expensive?
by Pearl Robinson on June 20th, 2018

We bought a new house in Toronto. It is meaningless if I mention it as a new house, I bought it from an old people who were living there for years and sold it to me as they are shifting to another place. The first thing I did was rewiring the house ( ). The house was actually built in late 1970’s. So, the wiring was with aluminium. Aluminum had a lot of disadvantages. These included flickering lights, warm cover plates on switches and receptacles, and burnt insulation on wiring. There will be an overheating issue and overheating can cause fires.
So, before becoming worse, I contacted an electrical contractor who has a good knowledge and experience about the situation. He points out that over the years, aluminum wiring has been implicated in a number of electrical fires, some of which have led to fatalities. Issues with aluminum wire occur when it has to be connected. At the point of connection, a piece of bare aluminum wire typically gets exposed to air where it rusts into aluminum oxide. This "rusty" aluminum resists current flow, generating heat. Aluminum also expands and contracts in response to load and temperature changes differently than copper. Because of this, connections between aluminum wires and terminals or wires made of other materials can grow loose, leading to the potential for sparks and short circuits. He recommended rewiring. I think rewiring is quite expensive. Can anyone tell me the approximate rate of rewiring a single stored house? Is it too expensive? I want to rewire soon since it is a threat to our family.
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