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Del Valle District wide development programs
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John Davis
Del Valle Community Coalition

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Joined on May 17th, 2010
Del Valle District wide development programs
by John Davis on July 15th, 2010

Good morning,
I am curious as to the issues of concern with D.V. I have gone to D.V.
since sixth grade and graduated at the old DV high School. Also my 12 year old son
attends DV middle school and will now be attending the new Dailey MS. My 6 year
old daughter will be going to Hornsby.
Over the years I have raised my concerns about the lack of resources
provided by the district towards development programs. In fact several years back
I was able to obtain all of the paid salaries from top administrators all the way down
to assistant coaches. The reason for this was that they were unwilling to spend a little
bit of money to insure every elementary school had an adequate number of books.
Another year they could not provide a Gifted and Talented program for my son and at
least 20 other kids in the school. Another public information request
was for school budgets and allocations. The facts show that there are overpaid
administrators and mismanaged funds that lead to Budget shortfalls.
Another issue is that Del Valle prides itself on its athletic achievements yet
the after school programs offered to students are very expensive to most people.
There are thousands of dollars either wasted or stolen by the administrators of these
basketball leagues, football camps, volleyball seminars, etc. Some administrators magically bought new cars after the dues were paid. The schools should provide
the gyms and fields at a very low cost to bring down the required fees by parents. All money
profited should go mostly towards expanding the programs and also lowering the cost
as much as possible, not to any one persons pockets.
I have seen over the years that a lot of talent both mentally and physically
has been wasted in the DV district due to a lack in development. Our school district
needs to stop the skimming of funds and allow this much needed money to go to
the kids programs. If the school board or administrators have excuses then we should
call them out on it and request any information that we need.
it is a fun hobby for me to request public information requests so please let me
know what information you could use and I will do my best to get it.


John Davis
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