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General membership meeting minutes: 13 March 2010
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Mueller Community

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General membership meeting minutes: 13 March 2010
by Betsy on March 16th, 2010

Treasurer’s Report – Grants have been paid out. We are still accepting dues ($10/year) that will be used, in part, to fund future grants. Grants funded include the Boomer Chili Cookoff, Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween event, Babysitting during the meeting with Dr. Carstarphen, Kids events during Plant Fest, Fourth of July events, and the Stitch and Bitch Blanket raising.

Plant Fest on April 10 following the MNA meeting at Ella Wooten Park. About 75 people attended last year despite miserable weather. The event includes 15-20 exhibitors, speakers, prairie tours, plant clinic, kids activities and tours of private gardens. AISD's Clifton Career Development School will be selling plants to benefit their horticulture program.

Schools task force met with Mark Williams, AISD School Board President to strategize regarding a Mueller school. Brainstorming ideas such as a flex school were discussed. His message was that we need to be on the same page as Catellus and surrounding neighborhoods who are active with the issues regarding East Austin schools. That coordination will be stepped up moving forward. Also, the Maplewood principal has resigned due to health reasons and AISD is looking for a replacement. A parent group has been selected to provide input on the qualities they want to see in a principal. There will be a brainstorming opportunity on March 23 and we need Mueller parents involved! Watch ( for more information.

Report from members of the RMMA PIAC
-Looks like Catellus has a builder lined up to finance and build the first Mueller Homes.
-About 42 yard homes will be built on the vacant land bounded by Antone, Berkman, Tom Miller and Hermalinda. These may be configured in garden court clusters.
-Hangar Use – PIAC subcommittee chaired by Corky Hilliard will host a public meeting, probably in April, to discuss options for public use of the hangar.
-April 13 meeting will focus on transportation issues such as the results from current traffic studies, the jughandle, etc. The roundabout was discussed with Betsy Hilton, new member of Catellus’ Transportation Committee, reporting that the City is planning to implement some striping and signing changes to improve roundabout operation. There was discussion about the tall grasses that block the view of pedestrians and therefore, pose a safety concern. A motion passed unanimously for MNA to send a letter to Catellus and the POA recommending the removal of visual barriers such as these, and suggesting a few other related improvements. Residents were reminded to call 311 to report all safety concerns. Multiple complaints on the same issue does increase the likelihood of it being addressed more quickly.
-During the transportation discussion, Dan noted that in his experience as an EMT, most crashes result from driver distraction (cell phones, etc.) and speed. Betsy will try to work with Dan on a related article for the Front Porch Flyer.

Front Porch Flyer (FPF) – This is our resident-driven community newsletter. We have more additional space this year for content. Please email articles and/or photos to

Austin Energy Substation
Ashley gave a summary of the effort to date to select a site for a new Austin Energy (AE) substation that will serve Mueller and some surrounding development. Since the substation is largely necessitated by the development at Mueller, the PIAC has supported locating this infrastructure on the Mueller site. However, the Morris Williams Golf Course has proposed a site on their property in exchange for some funds from AE that could be used to refurbish their clubhouse, etc. Since this seems like a win-win for everyone involved, the PIAC has not opposed this potential site. Other sites previously considered and eliminated by AE include near the film studio, near the Central Texas Emergency Communication Center, and along 51st Street but off the Mueller property. City representatives have stated in a public forum that they don’t want the substation sited at Mueller because they won’t collect any tax revenue from the property for the substation.

The Pecan Springs neighborhood has some concerns with the golf course location. Their representatives were unable to attend our meeting since their association meets at the same time. They were developing their official position on this issue. Austin City Council will consider this issue and the transfer of funds to the golf course at their March 25 meeting.

Jerry reported that the East Austin Sector of the Austin Neighborhoods Council (ANC) has discussed the substation issue. They don’t oppose the siting on the golf course but want to focus on the design process to ensure neighborhood input is considered. Adam Pyrek mentioned that it’s important we have continued involvement throughout the project development process or we can lose our chance to voice concerns at important stages. The MNA unanimously passed a motion by Kim Wine, seconded by Garreth Wilcock and amended by Ashley Fisher, to take the following stand on the substation issue:
The MNA believes that in principle, infrastructure for Mueller should be sited within the Mueller development. As a practical matter, the MNA does not oppose the siting of the AE substation on the Morris Williams Golf Course provided that AE includes the surrounding neighborhoods in the design and implementation process, including the planning, design and construction phases of development.

-Catellus will be hosting a discussion on the Market District (Berkman at 51st) on April 6th at 7:00 p.m. Watch for more information.
-Community-wide yard sale on May 15 on Simond Ave. If you want to sell items, email to register for a spot (no charge).
-Applications to serve as a resident member of the Pecan Street Project Executive Committee are due Sunday, March 14
-The Landscape Committee is arranging a tree trimming workshop on March 27 at 10:00 a.m. They’ll post the event to Meet at 4001 Mendez St. for the workshop.

Meeting adjourned about 11:30 a.m.
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Mueller Community

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General membership meeting minutes: 13 March 2010
by Ashley on March 17th, 2010

Thanks Betsy for always posting such great and detailed notes from our meetings!
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