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April Mueller Neighborhood Assn Meeting Minutes
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Mueller Community

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Speeding on Zach Scott
by paulsjv on April 24th, 2009

I'd like to throw in the idea also for one of those radar signs that post actual speed...I find them personally effective.

They had one for awhile a few months ago.
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Mueller Community

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Speeding on Zach Scott
by dhs on April 24th, 2009

As was discussed at the last MNA meeting, those unmanned radar stations only work for a short time - until people figure out that there isn't a cop nearby. I too don't like speed bumps, and would like to suggest that we try to get the city to put in all-way stop signs at the intersections of Mattie Street with Zach Scott, Antone and Tom Miller. Although drivers don't always stop at stop signs, they do at least slow down since they no longer have the right of way. Another possibility is to petition for lower speed limits, which is now permissible on any street less than 35 feet wide that allows parking. Lowering the speed limit by 5mph might lower the average speed by 5mph.

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