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nails v. tires
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nails v. tires
by aaron on October 16th, 2007

I know a few you are as excited as I am. My excitement leads to mulitple trips to the new subdivision to check on things. One thing I've started to notice is the amount of surplus nails lying in the alleys. Be on the lookout if you drive the alleys and probably the roads as well as nails tend to have an adverse impact with your tires.

We came from a suburba that had on going construction and we had between two cars, 8 flat tires due to nails and screws in less than two years.

Some recommendations I have are:
1) check to make sure your donut (spare tire) is inflated. It's a bad day gone worse when your spare is as flat as the tire you are replacing.
2) If you don't know how to fix a flat, now is a good time to learn. You might even want to practice one time.
3) Sears offers tire insurance. This includes nails. I highly recommend getting this as at 10- 20 a pop for just nail removal, let alone a full tire replacement if the nail hits the sidewall, you will reap the $12 back repeatily.
4) Every now and then, do a quick walk around before you drive out to check for slow leaks. On a slow leak, one of your tires won't look like the others.

Other than installing a magnet plow on my van, I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a nail in the next ten years that build at Mueller. Hope this helps.

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untitled topic
by preyn2 on October 19th, 2007

Even better than making sure your donut spare is inflated - spend the money to get rid of the donut and replace it with the correct sized wheel/tire.

The donut spare is only intended to get your car from the location of the problem to the tire shop - no highway driving, reduced handling characteristics, etc. Let me know if you ever have a day when it's convenient for you to have a flat and then go DIRECTLY to the tire shop to get it fixed.

It's REALLY nice to be able to put the correct sized spare on my car and get the flat fixed when it's more convenient. Safer, too.

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untitled topic
by langhugh on November 20th, 2007

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nails v. tires
by meg_and_austin on January 8th, 2009

I had two nails in my rear passenger tire this morning, and I'm pretty sure I picked them up in the alley, so wanted to resurrect this post and remind everyone of Aaron's great advice:

Be on the lookout for nails in the alleys, learn how to change a flat tire, always check the pressure of your spare, and think about upgrading from donut to full-size.

AND if you get a flat: Gene Johnson on Airport fixed mine for $12. It's close to home, and they're good guys.

- Austin
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