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Are you backwards?
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Mueller Community

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Are you backwards?
by Shane on August 17th, 2008

I've noticed, in my wanders around the neighborhood, that many of the concrete down-spout catchers (I'm sure there's a better/more technical term) are turned around/backwards. So that the rain pools, rather than flows into the ground.

This makes an excellent breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Please take a look at your (insert term of item here) and make sure they are turned correctly - so that the water can flow out of them. The one being I'm happy to keep out of the neighborhood is the skeeters. They're mean!
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mrs aaron
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Are you backwards?
by mrs aaron on August 17th, 2008

and if anyone needs an extra do-hickey of which Shane speaks, we have one.
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Mueller Community

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Are you backwards?
by preyn2 on August 18th, 2008

I've heard of that being done (placing the downspout catcher thingies backwards) in order to dissipate the energy of the water flowing out of the downspout. After enough rainfall (and I realize how silly I sound during this drought), the downspout will erode a hole in your lawn. You might try turning the thingy the "correct" way and placing a rock or brick at the end to dissipate the energy.
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Mueller Community

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Are you backwards?
by bgierisch15 on August 18th, 2008

Among the stack of helpful information stuff that Meritage gave us was one about caring and feeding of our foundations. It talks about the importance of keeping the ground around the foundation not too wet and not too dry. Since we sit on clay that swells when wet and shrinks when dry, this really is important m-- Austin is notorious for foundation problems that result from this.

That Meritage info sheet says -- if I remember correclty -- that turning the thingies the wrong way is extremely awful, because it channels the water right down next to the foundation.

It seems like all the unoccupied Stan-Pacs have them turned the wrong way.

Bobby G.
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Mueller Community

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Are you backwards?
by hectoranddebbie on August 30th, 2008

We were actually told that "backwards" was the correct way, although I didn't buy it then. either. I will make it a point to turn mine around the next time I am out and all sweaty! (Has anyone ever seen me any other way?)
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