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Magainze Sales Lady for "Inner City Youth"
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Mueller Community

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Mueller Community

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Magazine Sales Lady for "Inner City Youth"
by dreuxl on November 27th, 2010

I too had visits from the Magazine Sales Lady. Two in fact, once on Monday Nov. 21st, and a second time on Weds. Nov. 23rd. The first time I politely told her I was not interested. The second time I answered the door she immediately recognized me and told me she was sorry she had got turned around and didn't realize she had solicited our street already. I find it odd that it has taken a week to go door-to-door in this neighborhood. Usually the magazine people are only here for a day or two at most.
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Mueller Community

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Magainze Sales Lady
by mviney on November 27th, 2010

I found the lady a the door with hiccups and slightly"under the influence" - must have been later in the tour
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Mueller Community

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Magainze Sales Lady
by misselaine on November 27th, 2010

I, too, had her come by and after asking her many questions, I ordered some to be sent to safe house. She assured me that I could call and make sure they got it. I also got a lot of email addresses from her and phone numbers... The next day I looked them up and it looked like a scam as far as I could tell. I ended up canceling my check. I have seen her around days later and she came back to our house and didn't seem to remember me our my two rowdy dogs at all. Usually legitimate schemes tend to map their progress through a neighborhood. I vote that she is not legitimate.
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Mueller Community

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Magainze Sales Lady
by jimneeley on November 27th, 2010

Three visits to our place here on mendez. I'm beyond annoyed at this point. Can everyone do the neighborhood a solid and stop writing her checks so she'll move on down the road? Thanks!
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Susan Berk
Mueller Community

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Magainze Sales Lady
by Susan Berk on November 28th, 2010

One suggestion is to attach a No Soliciting sign to your front door. You can buy them at Home Depot. It seems to work most of the time.
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Alexa Manza
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Magainze Sales Lady
by Alexa Manza on November 28th, 2010

In Lewisiville, TX solicitors were required to obtain a permit. If a vendor disregarded my no soliciting sign I notified the city and called the vendor directly. Most the time those vendors just hired people to do the walking around for them. They needed to know, and most were apologetic, about folks they hired approaching homes with signage.

I searched and searched the City of Austin site and came up with squat regarding solicitation permits. A google search gave me the Austin BBB who put together something for non-profit fundraising groups. A line in the PDF document reads:

"SOLICITATION PERMIT  The City no longer registers solicitors of charitable donations. All non-profit organizations soliciting donations (cash or in-kind) or professional fundraisers doing fundraising activities on behalf of non-profit organizations in Austin are encouraged to contact the Better Business Bureau (BBB) at (512) 445-2911 to learn about their voluntary registration program."

Of course our "Inner City Youth" lady's organization is not there.

I think it's important for retailers/vendors who hire out solicitation work to know that I will not patronize a place that openly disregards solicitation signage. For me this includes non-profit and for profit solicitation.

If someone finds out more information regarding permits or info on scams in our neighborhood please post here. I will say that the lady was polite and stood back away from the door. She attempted too much small talk so I finally asked if she's looking for donations or could I volunteer. She seemed taken aback about that last one. Teehee.

Now I have to find another no soliciting sign for this new house. Best to you!
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Mueller Community

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Magainze Sales Lady
by smlynntx on November 29th, 2010

She was just knocking on my door on McCloskey/Threadgill, not remembering she had already came by a few days before.
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