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Neighborhood Watch---Look out!
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Mueller Community

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Neighborhood Watch---Look out!
by vsdainton on July 15th, 2010

Just FYI, two young (possibly 13-15yrs?) boys were walking down our street. Both latino and one had a great head of curly hair that I noticed bopping up and down from our front window. I checked outside the window and noticed them taking a look over at my husband's car. Also, I noticed one of them had a fishing pole in one hand and a large ceramic lizard in the other.

I recognized the large ceramic lizard off the fence from a neighbor further down the street on Threadgill, so I went out and called to them. They kept walking without acknowledging me and left the ceramic lizard on a green power box and kept walking quickly.

When I went to get the lizard, I checked around the corner and they were nowhere to be found.

Hope it was just some young pranksters, but just be aware. Hope that was their fishing pole!

7:15pm Thursday evening on Threadgill Street

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Mueller Community

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Neighborhood Watch---Look out!
by volume on July 15th, 2010

Also, Jay noticed a black full size pick up truck with a 30-40 year old latino male driving around the alleys. He followed him for a bit and it did not appear that he was lost.
Never know if these people are innocent workers...hope so.
Heard on NPR the other day that Austin burglaries are up 50% or something crazy like that.
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Mueller Community

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Neighborhood Watch---Look out!
by ret1ree00 on July 16th, 2010

On the news tonight there was a report of a rash of home break ins on east 11th street in some of the newer homes. The police reporter said they had suspects but no arrests.

Better safe, great that our neighbors keep a watch on things.


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Mueller Community

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Neighborhood Watch---Look out!
by amyk927 on July 16th, 2010

Dreux noticed someone wearing a blue bandana, black shirt with white writing and blue jeans wandering in our alley (between Antone and Tom Miller) who didn't look lost but wasn't anyone we'd met before at ~9:30pm tonight. He called the police and reported a suspicious person...weren't sure if he was looking for open garages.

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