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Mueller Community

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by sherrig78753 on February 5th, 2008

I went to the sales office today and asked to see the landscaping plans. According to Marie, the plans have not been approved yet. Does this sound fishy or am I being paranoid? It seems like those would have been approved long ago.
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Mueller Community

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Landscaping plans
by hpc on February 6th, 2008

I am not surprised - like so much at Mueller, despite years to plan, it all seems so last minute. The folks that are living there now still don't have postal service - now over 2 months since they closed. Garbage service by the city still hasn't started (did Catellus hire a private contractor?) and no one is certain where the cans are supposed to go - gosh I hope it's not the street, or it will be impossible to drive, but the alley also seems problematic. Can you imagine backing out of your driveway and being stuck behind the garbage truck as it makes its way down the alley, and you're late for work (oh yeah, we are not supposed to have to drive to work!).

I well remember, at the time our contract signing, they the SP reps couldn't tell us whether the alleys would be one-way. It was obvious that they could only be one-way, but Catellus hadn't decided or hadn't informed any one. We were interested in a SP house on the courtyard along Antone, but no one could tell us what it would look like, where the sidewalk would go, etc. We changed our minds about that lot because of the lack of info.

Sometimes (when I am not fretting about the builder end of things) I worry that the plans drawn up by Catellus and the city will just not work well. You know, streets a little too narrow for comfort, alleys a bit to crowded, too few parking spaces for all the SUV/pickups that can't fit into the tiny garages, houses so close togethor that drainage between them becomes a problem, etc. Many other unforeseen problems too. I know that Catellus has done these redevelopments before with success, but how do we know that they didn't try to push the envelop in Mueller?

Anyway, when I get depressed, I read Aaron's blog and I am reassured. Gonna' have to buy that guy a drink or two.
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Mueller Community

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untitled topic
by langhugh on February 6th, 2008

SPH was probably referring to your particular home's landscaping plan. The general landscaping plan for the yard homes is approved and the majority of the plant palette can be found in the Mueller Design Book ... andscaping
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