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Any Meritage Homes 3 bed room 2 baths owners?
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Mueller Community

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Any Meritage Homes 3 bed room 2 baths owners?
by boilermaker on July 31st, 2008

Currently my wife & I are looking at David Weekly. Unfortunately there are no models available for Meritage homes. Would anyone give some feedback or opinions on how their 3 bedrooms are? If you have any pictures availabe, that would be lovely.

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Mueller Community

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Re: Any Meritage Homes 3 bed room 2 baths owners?
by tuphatt on August 4th, 2008


My wife and I live in the Benson floor plan. The good and the bad is that all three bedrooms are on the top floor.

The good is that all living spaces are in one location, it is easier to set the temp so that the A/C is off downstairs at night and on during day.

The bad:
- if you have ceiling speakers you can hear them on the top floor.
- like any house with a second level it is a bummer to have to run up and down when you forget stuff.

We are expecting a little one soon and the floor plan allows for the nursery to be right next to the master room. I believe I was in one floor plan that changed the bedroom room next to the master as a entertainment room.

The Benson is nice and long and very open. We really love our house. PM me sometime and maybe we will be able to schedule a visit. :)
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Mueller Community

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Re: Any Meritage Homes 3 bed room 2 baths owners?
by vaneis on August 5th, 2008

We have a Scott and it has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths. We LOVE the floor plan, because the master is downstairs and upstairs there is just one bedroom, a bath and a loft area. So basically that means our child has the entire reign of the upstairs! Her room is actually the same size as our master! There is another bedroom downstairs, which is smaller, but still a decent size.

I don't have any pictures of the bedrooms, but if you'd like to stop by and see it just send me a PM.
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Mueller Community

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Any Meritage Homes 3 bed room 2 baths owners?
by mam469 on August 31st, 2008

I am a soon to be (on Camacho) Keeton 3BR/3BA. Great one story floor plan 1664 sq feet. Love the floor plan - The arches and larger living room and open kitchen area make is feel quite spacious.
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Mueller Community

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Any Meritage Homes 3 bed room 2 baths owners?
by bgierisch15 on September 1st, 2008

Meritage's Keeton, and its twin - the Vaughn - also have an option to convert one BR/Bath to a study. We took the option and really like it. It really opens the living/dining room even more. If you don't NEED 3 BR/baths, take a look at it. The Meritage folks don't automatically tell you about it.

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