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DW Opening Up Homes to General Public (out of Pioneers?)
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Kevin Ludlow
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DW Opening Up Homes to General Public (out of Pioneers?)
by Kevin Ludlow on October 18th, 2007

DW sent this email out to Realtors a few days ago. Thought some people might find it interesting:


I wanted to let you know that David Weekley Homes is now offering market yard homes in Mueller. As many of you know, there was a lottery for these homes in the first phase because the demand is so high. We have worked through that list and are now open to the general public. The Homes are starting in the $280's- $320's and 1400sq ft to 2200 sq ft and are selling super fast.

If you have any clients interested in Central Austin, please call me at 457-8855 to set up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kindal W Mitchell
Lead Sales Consultant-David Weekley Homes
Office: 512-474-8855
Mobile: 512-775-2305

I would contend that 'selling super fast' might not be entirely accurate.

So DW had 110 lots, started selling almost a solid month after the other builders, and has already exhausted the list? ...even the people on the list that applied but didn't make the phase I cut? Seems a bit strange to me.

Anyone heard word from Meritage, Standard Pacific, or Streetman on this?
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untitled topic
by ccosart on October 18th, 2007

It would be interesting to know how many people dropped out and why. My guess is a lot of people applied thinking they could just barely afford "low 200s" and then found out the real cost was going to be an additional 50K or more than that. I really think those people should get to at least jump in line on the DW row houses if they want.

I know this is my billionth post on basically the same subject, but my wife and I feel like we were lied to and strung along for 2 or 3 years by Catellus and the city and have been really screwed by the situation, plus we will now NEVER be able to live in Mueller. So I'm admittedly more than a little angry and bitter about the situation...
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untitled topic
by momof4 on October 18th, 2007

DW had only 100 lots for yard houses and some of those were for affordable houses. Isn't that right? I think their queue for the market rate homes was not quite to 200 long. Meritage, by contrast, had 250ish long in their queue for 56 lots. They got to #150ish before they sold out. Gotta remember though Meritage's price per sq.ft. was a little lower than DW. As you would expect both builders sold out of their less expensive, smaller floor plans first. So, if people were only wanting that they might have deferred to phase II to try again for a less expensive house. SP and Streetman's homes both start a bit higher than DW and M so it makes sense that they would not sell as quickly. Also, it's a bit daunting to buy a home when you can't see an example of what that home looks like. I know for us to sign a contract to buy our home when there weren't even any roads out there yet was a complete leap of faith! We just closed our eyes and jumped. I would think that would be a little harder to do when you are paying so much more for your home. I know if I was going to pay over $500K for a house, I would need to see at least a model of the home first. Anyway, that's my theory about why there are some homes left from DW, SP and Streetman. I have been touch with SP and Streetman recently and they are still selling homes at a fast pace. Especially when you compare to other new developments in the area. I wouldn't doubt that DW will also sell out of their phase I homes soon. I just don't know as much about their process. Sorry for the wordy post, hope that all made sense :)
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